Chris Atallah


Arctic Divide [Featured]

Project Type: 360-Degree Interactive Installation Co-op Action Game

My Role: Unity Developer, Lead Level Designer and Developer, C# Programmer, Modeler

Platform: Unity, C#, Arduino

Arctic Divide is a 360-Degree Interactive Installation Co-op Action Game played by two players. One player is the driver and the other is the gunner and they must work together to survive and reach their goal. The driver uses a USB steering wheel and pedals to control the vehicle while the gunner controls a custom made turret gun that spins 360-degrees to fire at the enemies. The two players are inside a 6 projector installation that surrounds them.

Enemies approach from every direction as the team travels through 7 different sections of the linear game that features scripted events such as jumping off exploding bridges and avoiding falling boulders.

The entire hardware setup and game was developed from concept to completion by the 6 developer team over a 12 month period.

Check out the Arctic Divide trailers here! Video 1 Video 2