Chris Atallah


Tile Tank [Featured]

Project Type: Windows Phone 7 Mobile game

My Role: XNA Developer, Silverlight Developer, Modeler

Platform: XNA and Silverlight

Tile Tank is a full 3D game built for Windows Phone 7 and features 32 playable levels, unlockable content, a level creator, and online support to upload and download user generated content.

Players solve puzzles by advancing their tank across a grid of tiles, one tile at a time. There are different types of tiles such as standard tiles, falling tiles, elevators, buttons, walls and teleporters. The goal is to collect all the collectables and then reach the end of the level. Plot your course carefully or you’ll get stuck!

Post your score to Facebook and Twitter to show your friends how well you are doing! When the core campaign is over, create and upload your own levels, and download levels others have made!

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